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Asbestos Abatement

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You may be wondering what exactly that is…maybe you have seen it, heard of it, or even been affected by it. The truth is asbestos is a dangerous fiber formed in rocks that, when released, causes major illnesses in your lungs-two of them being forms of cancer. So, where is this strange fiber found? Shockingly, it is in many households across the United States. Asbestos was used to make insulation, tiles, roofing, textured paints, siding, etc. It can even be found on your hot water pipes and brake clutches. I’m sure you’re wondering how asbestos is released into the air if it is found in solid objects? Nowadays fixing up or flipping your house has become a common phenomenon. However, what many homeowners do not realize is that when they fiddle with their pipes or attempt to redo their bathroom, there is erosion under the tiles or on the pipes. By smashing, tightening bolts, or even ripping up tile, asbestos fiber is released into the air. Many homes have to be tested for asbestos prior to purchase; however, that does not guarantee your home is asbestos free. You may have chosen material after your purchase and be unaware of the risk that is now in your home. Or, your neighbors may have asbestos on the siding of their house. When they decide to refurbish the outer layer of their home, they may release asbestos into the air if not done properly. That’s where we come in. Before any demolition job is done, we have to check for asbestos. If asbestos is found, we proceed to contain and remove it. This is called Asbestos Abatement. Here at Wild Heart we hire trusted asbestos companies to handle this lethal fiber. Before anything is knocked down, our subcontractors come in and clean out the material in a sterilized, safe manner, to prevent the release of it into the air and surrounding neighborhoods. This post is not meant to scare you, but when it comes to your well-being and health, rest assured that Wild Heart has your back and does our best to keep the environment clean and safe. Our desire is to knock down the old and dangerous so that one day you will have a cleaner, safer, brighter, more beautiful future.

2013-2014 Snow Season

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This 2013-2014 snow season has been unlike any other in the past twenty years. It’s been record setting. For contractors who get paid by the inch, this was an incredible time, yet for those that have set pricing on snow contracts, this could have been a season of great loss or just breaking even in costs. While records were set with temperatures, snow and ice, this also produced several challenges to contractors. There was an ever-increasing need for rock salt and calcium chloride. With the increase of demand, vendors were selling out and prices began to soar through the roof! It was even reported that Port Newark, New Jersey’s largest depot for salt distribution became “very, very, low” and could not help walk-in customers. With that said, if you did not prepare in advance, you may have had to pay much more than you anticipated towards the end of the season. Wild Heart was grateful to relieve some stress to our clients with our salt deliveries. We could not help everyone, as we were limited on supplies, but for those that were able to get some salt during the crisis time, it just felt good to hear their sighs of relief. In the meantime, would you like to know some 2013-2014 cumulative snowfall totals we were able to retrieve? I think you’ll be surprised at the actual totals. Hillsborough – 65.2 inches Piscataway – 65.6 inches Princeton – 61.9 inches Sayreville – 60.8 inches Somerset – 62.9 inches As we are nearing the end of March, spring-time is right around the corner. Yet, it’s amazing that we still have a forecast looming over us that says we have a 35% chance of snow arriving on March 26th!  I have no details on how much is expected, but we’ll certainly keep you posted!

Most Recent Demolition

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On March 13th, 2014, WIld Heart Bulk started the first Sayreville home demolition under the NJ DEP Blue Acres Buy Out Program.  TV and news reporters were on the scene to speak to the owners of the home and watch the actual demolition take place.  Theresa and Martin Kuczynski’s home was the first of four homes that Wild Heart was contracted to take down. This was an important and sensitive time for all parties involved as many of these homes were damaged due to the forces of Hurricane Sandy. In fact, eighteen feet of water came through this area and it was the third time flooding occurred in three years. Governor Christie and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection came together and established funding through the Blue Acres Buy Out Program. This program purchases homes for its pre-storm value so owners can move to a safer location.  Once the homes are taken down, the area will be considered open space. Sayreville Mayor Kennedy O’Brian was on site, as well as Richard Boornazian of the NJ D.E.P. and NJ Assemblyman John Wisniewski of D-19.  Around 12: 15 pm, the owners gave Wild Heart the approval to start the equipment and begin work by yelling together, “Gentlemen, start your engines!” Sayreville NJ Sandy Demolition 002
Additional Coverage of the Demolition has been on New Jersey's radio station 101.5 and the following links :
Demolition begins on Sayreville homes bought out by state as part of Blue Acres project - News 12 New Jersey

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